Exelon Nuclear Archive

Limerick Semi-Annual, 165-Siren Test Scheduled Monday

The Limerick Generating Station's louder, longer, twice-yearly emergency warning siren test

Limerick Unit 1 Generator Back Online After Inspections

The almost week-long look at the Unit 1 generator's low-pressure turbine

A Week After Scram, Exelon LGS Unit 1 Back In Operation

The company statement offered no explanation for a power outage that

Exelon Unit 1 Goes Offline Due To ‘Unusual’ Power Loss

An electrical disturbance, the cause of which has not yet been

Limerick Unit 2 Generator Returned To Service Sunday

The nuclear power generator came back online after 10 days of

After Japan Disaster, Officials Claim LGS Better Prepared

Now approaching the one-year anniversary of an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear

NRC Asks Exelon To Say How It Will Cover Shortfall

Decommissioning the Limerick Unit 1 nuclear power plant will cost $628

Limerick Nuclear Unit 1 Resumes Generating Operations

Exelon's Unit 1 generator at Limerick is up and running again

Limerick 1 Shut Down Sunday For Valve Replacement

The Unit 1 nuclear reactor at Limerick Generating Station was taken

NRC Says Limerick 2 Issues Need ‘Additional Scrutiny’

Federal regulators say Exelon's Limerick Unit 2 power plant must be

Limerick Monthly Siren Test Scheduled Monday

The monthly routine test of sirens surrounding the nuclear power generating

Police Detail At Limerick Hearings Cost $1,468

Local police incurred overtime for providing a presence at last month's

One-Gallon Bleach Spill Prompts LGS Event Alert

An industrial chemical delivery to Exelon's water treatment facility at the

Monday’s Another Day For Limerick Siren Testing

The once-monthly test of warning sirens in the area surrounding Exelon

NRC Legal Notice: LGS Re-License Meetings Ahead

Two public meetings being conducted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on