For Valentine’s Day, She Suggests, Just Act Naturally

POTTSTOWN PA – Forget candy. Forget flowers. You can even forget the card.

For Valentine's Day, She Suggests, Just Act NaturallyIf you assume that, on Valentine’s Day, all you need is love, you can forget pretty much everything else. But don’t forget to be romantic, advises the author of the Naturally Educated blog hosted by The (Pottstown PA) Mercury’s TownSquare forum.

Naturally Educated’s blogger is not identified by name. It’s obvious from her posts, published since February 2012, that she’s a married mother of three with a degree in education and a talent with words.

Her Friday (Feb. 1, 2013) entry, titled “Naturally Romantic,” offers 10 “natural ways to show a little love this Valentine’s Day and all year long” to your spouse or significant others. No, they’re not new, per se; you’ve probably read these tips somewhere else before in some other form. And no, they’re not surprising or bizarre or complicated. Instead they are heartfelt, simply told, and imbued with the author’s personal memories … all of which makes it makes it compelling reading.

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