Royersford Borough Plans Grant Use On Schuylkill Trail

ROYERSFORD PA – A Montgomery County grant that has been promised to the borough of Royersford – its amount hasn’t yet been specified – will be used to clean up and improve a portion of the Schuylkill River Trail, The Limerick Patch online news service reported Wednesday (Jan. 30, 2013).

Royersford Borough Plans Grant Use On Schuylkill TrailBorough Council members, during their meeting Tuesday (Jan. 29), agreed with Manager Michael Leonard’s plans to combine the pending grant money with other funds Royersford has on hand to fix concrete and macadam along the trail to Arch Street, as well as replanting grass in some locations there. Completing that work would make the area more attractive, the council said.

Leonard has yet to learn the grant’s monetary value or when it will be disbursed, The Patch reported. The improvements would be subject to bidding, he indicated.

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