Limerick Zoning Hearing Set Wednesday For Pole Barn

Limerick Zoning Hearing Set Wednesday For Pole BarnLIMERICK PA – Construction of a pole barn larger than normally allowed under residential zoning restrictions at its proposed Longview Road location is the subject of a hearing to be conducted Wednesday (Dec. 19, 2012) at 6:30 p.m. by the Limerick Zoning Hearing Board at the township municipal building, 646 West Ridge Pike. The hearing is free and open to members of the public, who will be allowed to comment.

The content of the advertisement follows:

LEGAL NOTICE LIMERICK TOWNSHIP ZONING HEARING BOARD NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with the Limerick Township Zoning Ordinance of 1961, as amended, of a hearing before the Limerick Township Zoning Hearing Board on Wednesday, December 19, 2012, at 6:30 p.m., at the Limerick Township Municipal Building, 646 West Ridge Pike, Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, on the Application of Leonard Miller, 68 Longview Road, Linfield, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, (hereinafter “Applicant”).

The Applicant is the owner of property located at 68 Longview Road, Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (hereinafter “Subject Property”). The Subject Property is 2.01 acres in size, is used residentially, and is located in the LLI Zoning District.

The Applicant proposes to install and construct a 40′ by 64′ (2,560 square foot) pole barn in the rear portion of the Subject Property, in order to store vehicles, lawn equipment, and other miscellaneous items. The Applicant is seeking a special exception pursuant to Section 184-71.D of the Limerick Township Zoning Ordinance to permit the proposed accessory structure to exceed 1,200 square feet.

At the time of the hearing any person or party interested will be given full opportunity to be heard. The Board reserves the right to conduct such other business as may come before it.

Mark J. John, Chairman
Charles D. Garner Jr., Esquire, Wolf Baldwin & Associates P.C., Solicitor

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