Limerick Dialysis Facility Wins Patient Quality Care Award

Limerick Dialysis Facility Wins Patient Quality Care Award

Undergoing kidney dialysis

LIMERICK PA – Fresenius Medical Care North America, which operates a national network of dialysis facilities, said its office at 420 W. Linfield Rd. recently was designated a Center of Excellence for achieving high standards in patient care during 2011. The company’s annual awards recognize facilities that perform best, based on multiple objective measures of dialysis clinical quality.

Dialysis is a life-sustaining process that cleans waste products from the blood, removes extra fluids and controls the body’s chemistry when a person’s kidneys fail. Dialysis patients typically require treatment on an ongoing basis unless they receive a kidney transplant.

“Our clinical teams are focused on providing patients with the highest quality of care during each and every treatment,” said Carolyn Latham, a company vice president. “Our Center of Excellence award distinguishes the facilities’ … dedication and hard work of (its) staff.”

Fresenius’ clinical quality standards comply with those published by the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative of the National Kidney Foundation, it said. The company selects Center of Excellence facilities by reviewing patients’ outcome measures such as dialysis adequacy, control of anemia, nutritional status, patient satisfaction and transplant education.

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