Spring-Ford Observes Its Blue Ribbon Honor In November

Spring-Ford Observes Its Blue Ribbon Honor In November

The Eighth Grade Center at 700 Washington St., Royersford

ROYERSFORD PA – November is shaping up as Party Month for the Spring-Ford Area School District’s Eighth Grade Center at 700 Washington St.

Students, educators and staff members, district administrators, and local dignitaries all will join in a Nov. 15 ceremony commemorating the center as a 2012 recipient of the National Blue Ribbon Schools Award by the U.S. Department of Education. The event begins at 1:30 p.m., and will recognize Spring-Ford as one of only two schools in the Philadelphia region to receive the honor for its academic accomplishments and continuous improvements.

The local hoopla will follow the actual awards presentation Nov. 12 and 13 in Washington D.C. That will be attended by Eighth-Grade Center Principal Michael Siggins, and honors 219 public and 50 private schools.

The award spotlights and recognizes both public and private schools at all grade levels that produce outstanding results for all students regardless of race or socioeconomic status. Those proclaimed as National Blue Ribbon Schools have demonstrated consistent excellence and, in some cases, made progress and closed gaps in student achievement.

During the Eighth-Grade Center event, district administrators will discuss the award’s significance, high school students will talk about efforts they put forth to help earn the honor while in eighth grade, and current students will accept their challenge to continue that excellence. The award ceremony will also be attended by members of the Board of School Directors and local and state representatives.

The Spring-Ford Eighth-Grade Center Marching Band will provide musical entertainment. Following the ceremony, a flag designating the school as a Blue Ribbon recipient and a new sign will be unveiled. The plaque the school received in Washington also will be on display.

Photo from the Spring-Ford Area School District

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