He’ll Spin A Yarn About String Theory You Might Like

He'll Spin A Yarn About String Theory You Might Like

Matt Strassler

COLLEGEVILLE PA – Theoretical physicist and Rutgers University professor Matt Strassler, who has written more than 75 papers on string theory and particle physics, will present a lecture titled “The Quest for the Higgs Boson and Why It Matters” on Oct. 29 (2012; Monday) at 7 p.m. in the Lenfest Theater at the Ursinus College Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center in Collegeville.

It only sounds geek-y, Strassler says. Actually, he specializes in making the subject of physics understandable to the general public.

“Science is one of the world’s great spectator sports,” according to Strassler. He contends it “should be a source of joy and excitement … especially for kids and for kids at heart.” That’s why, in part, he’ll appear at Ursinus: to spark general interest in what might otherwise be an obscure topic. The lecture is free, and open to all.

The event also is one of the features of the college’s Center for Science and the Common Good program, funded by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and intended to better communicate scientific research to the public.

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