4-H Clubs, Now Enrolling, Cover Variety Of Interests

Caring for animals can be fun, but 4-H clubs cover many more interests, organizers say

CREAMERY PA – The tents and all the animals, its food vendors, and thousands of visitors are now long gone from the annual Montgomery County 4-H Fair, held during August (2011) at the Cooperative Extension campus on Route 113 in Creamery PA. The place is still buzzing with activity, though, 4-H representative Amy Shollenberger reported Thursday (Sept. 22).

That’s because county 4-H clubs are kicking off their new enrollment year. The clubs present a variety of interests and potential career paths that students between the ages of 8 and 18 can follow for both fun and to expand their horizons, Shollenberger said.

“There are many opportunities available. Just because you don’t live on a farm or own an animal doesn’t mean you can’t become a 4-H member,” she said. 4-H provides field trip and event opportunities, and its members also “learn responsibility, communication, leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships.”

4-H more than horses, chickens, cows, Shollenberger noted. Its Furry Friends is a club that works with rabbits and cavies (also known as guinea pigs). Creamery Crafters work on projects from sewing to rocketry. From beekeeping to seeing-eye puppies, from shooting sports to community service and leadership clubs, there’s a club for almost every student, she added.

For more information on club membership, call Montgomery County Extension Office at 610-489-4315.

Photo by Norma Young

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