‘StrongWomen’ Weight Training Back In Collegeville

COLLEGEVILLE PA – “StrongWomen,” a research-based weight-bearing exercise program that’s open to both men and women, but which was developed specifically to prevent bone loss and strengthen bones in post-menopausal women, will return this fall in classes to be held in Collegeville PA, according to educator Nancy Stevens of Montgomery County Cooperative Extension. Initial classes are expected to begin Sept. 12 (2011)

Both day and evening classes will be available, all an hour in length. Weights will be provided for participants. For more information or to register, call the Extension office at 610-489-4315 or visit its website, here.

“The program was developed at Tufts University and is based on research which found that, as women start to lose estrogen around age 40, they are at increased risk for osteoporosis,” Stevens said. “Results have been remarkable. Participants … show increased strength, muscle mass and bone density. They also see an improvement in their balance, which is important in preventing falls. Strength training also improves arthritis symptoms, metabolic rate, mood and attitude and decreases depression,” she said.

The program also is expected to be offered in Lansdale and East Greenville PA.

Photo from Google Images

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